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Agoda.com releases its brand new iPad app!

It’s an exciting time in the mobile hotel booking industry. It was only a generation ago that booking a hotel consisted of searching for a good travel agent, fighting with language barriers, and hoping that when you showed up at the hotel, they hadn’t misplaced the reservation that you made 3 months prior on an expensive long-distance phone call. My, how things have changed.

With the release of Agoda.com’s new iPad app, finding and booking a hotel has never been easier, no matter where you are – or where you’re going to. In fact, a recent survey found that almost half of mobile hotel bookers were already on the road when they made their booking! How’s that for a shifting demographic?

The new app, which was built from the ground up specifically for Apple’s popular tablet, lets users search for hotels with a number of different qualifiers – name, location, city, landmark or even a nearby tourist attraction! Once you’ve settled on a selection, you can further refine the results by applying filters for price, rating, name, location or popularity.

And how many of you have ever seen flustered tourists on a street corner, poring over a large map trying to figure out where they are? That’s largely a relic of the past now. Once you open the app you can see exactly where you are in relation to your hotel and the best way to get back – or head out to do some more exploring. You can also save a list of favorites, scan through images, room rates, reviews and hotel images – basically, the full functionality of our website in the palm of your hand.

Another big plus that the app brings to travelers is that you can find special deals that are not available on Agoda.com’s regular website. On top of that, a simple refresh is often enough to find new deals, as hotels are constantly adding and adjusting their room offerings.

Looking at the trends, today’s traveler wants their information to go and in the palm of their hand, and Agoda.com’s iPad app is the best way to get it. Head over to the App store to download it for free, and start planning your next trip with the swipe of a finger.

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