southeast asia: five bang-for-buck destinations

raft house rooms at kanchanaburi

I don't mind staying in five-star hotels; they have their charm. But I would rather make my money go a long way. A very long way. In Southeast Asia, for the kind of cash you could easily blow on a hotel bed in London or San Francisco in a single night, you can stretch into a month-long holiday. 

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bali: how to do a bali road trip

guide to bali road trip

While Bali is one of Southeast Asia's top tourist destinations, so much of it remains virgin tourist territory. Why is this so? Let’s just say, Bali isn’t exactly known for its excellent public transportation. Trying to catch a bus on the island paradise is a stressful chore most tourists tend to avoid. As an alternative, a Bali road trip is a popular option for those with the gusto and the courage to give it a go on their own – just you, your friends, a roadmap, and a trusty rental car.

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chiang mai: extreme chiang mai 

extreme trips in chaing mai

Extreme sport can sound like a recipe for getting drowned, shot or generally mangled. In a sense, it is – I know, I've explored the field in depth, deployed by past editors gleefully keen to see a reporter suffer. But the stress serves a purpose: it tests your limits and the theory that what cannot destroy you makes you stronger. For a lightning immersion in 'controlled edge' extreme sport culture, visit Chiang Mai, the Thai town 700 kilometres north of Bangkok.

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bangkok: how to "do" bangkok's chatuchak weekend market

shopping guide on chatachak weekend market

Bangkok’s Chatuchak weekend market is not for the faint of heart. With the number of visitors to the market potentially as high as 200,000 a day, even the market’s 35 acres isn’t enough to alleviate crowds, so expect to spend a lot of time squeezing awkwardly past your fellow shoppers in the narrow walkways. But it's all part of the fun.

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food blog: melaka, malaysia's foodie paradise 

five spice in Melaka

Melaka is a feast for the senses in general. But the strongest draw of the incense-laced old Malaysian spice port down the road from Kuala Lumpur may well be its food. Melaka hosts an array of low-price, high-quality catering outlets. 

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food blog: dos and don'ts of hong kong yum cha

yum cha in hong kong

You just can't have a peaceful lunch in Hong Kong, especially in a Yum Cha restaurant where it's always cluttered with people – there are no decent Wedgwood teapots, no superior services, and no bossa nova radiating from all corners of the restaurant.

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cape town: five ways to treat yourself in cape town

cape town city guide

As if being in a city flanked by beaches (from two different oceans, no less) and based around an anomaly of a mountain isn’t enough of a treat, here are some ways to go that extra hedonistic mile:

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beijing: beijing to-dos

Temple of Heaven

Not sure if you know this or not, but there are a lot of people in China.  And I mean A LOT!  Beijing is a great city; very modern, tonnes of history, good food and an impressive layer of thick smog.

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brunei: brunei in a day

Travel guide to Brunei

Leave out the rainforest and you can do tiny Brunei in a day. Just hopping over the border and back makes sense for those on a budget because overnighting in the resource-rich Bornean kingdom run by one of the world's wealthiest men costs a lot.

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miri: asia's most underrated town

Travel Guide to Miri, Malaysia

So you haven't heard of Miri? How shocking. What ignorance. Actually, that's half the point of this post; hardly anyone has heard of Miri. Miri can be found in Borneo, the world's third biggest island, which lies off the coast of peninsular Malaysia.

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