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Biking in Bangkok

When people think of Bangkok, it’s a good bet that the first thing that goes through their mind is not riding a bicycle. Already legendary for its traffic jams and maze of concrete highways, the massive city of 8-12 million (depending on who you ask) is built for the car. Indeed, it only got its first above-ground electric train system in 1999, and its first subway a few years after that. Suffice it to say, wide, leafy sidewalks with plenty of room for walking and biking do not exist here.

However, despite its spaghetti-tangle of roads, alleys and pathways – or maybe because of them – Bangkok is an excellent city to explore on a bicycle, assuming you’re able to handle it with a medium amount of confidence and skill. There are temples, restaurants, shops – even entire communities – that are nearly inaccessible by car, and that lie well off the tourist trails.

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