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Cambodian Cuisine

Cambodian food is a bit of a mystery. After the Khmer Rouge wiped out much of the country’s historical records – including cook books – what remains are recipes passed down through generations of families. Influences come from India, China and, later, France. And, like much of Southeast Asia, noodles and noodle soups are ubiquitous, as are coconut-derived ingredients and fish sauce. You’ll see root dishes, ancestors, of popular Thai and Malay foods, and some very local delicacies you’re unlikely to find elsewhere in the world – and for good reason in the case of fried tarantula.

Cambodia is still rebuilding itself as a tourist destination and while cosmopolitan upscale dining venues are present, they’re the exception. International foods – pizza (famously, the “happy” kind), Mexican, Indian and Pacific Rim – also abound, but for some dishes that represent contemporary Cambodian cuisine and provide a glimpse Khmer culture and history, here’s a quick list of culinary must-tries.

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London Weekenders: Olympic Escapes

So, you are already in London or planning to be there later this summer ?

There will be one thing and one thing only on everybody’s minds, of course: the 2012 Olympics. But just suppose you want to do a spot of sightseeing before and after your London visit? Or if you feel like escaping Olympic mania for a few days?

England in the summer is idyllic – pretty villages, gardens in full bloom, lush green countryside, plus it stays light until very late at night, so there is no excuse for not exploring the countryside and the historic cities that all lie within a comfortable radius of London.

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