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Insider Guide to Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is one of the world’s luckiest cities.  Cape Town, or the Mother City, as South Africans describe it, has it all. Literally.

Mountains, beaches, history, great food, great shopping, vineyards, a location to die for – and despite the mockery of people from Johannesburg, it actually doesn’t even have such awful weather.  It does rain, that’s true, but that explains why it’s all so lush and green.  It does get misty, but that’s what you get for living at the tip of Africa, washed by two oceans. 

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Insider Guide to South Africa


South Africa is one of the world’s most special places. An enviable mixture of beauty and wildness, of mountain and sea, of untamed nature and urban sophistication, listing the country's 'Top Five' (as opposed to the famous Big Five of game viewing), is difficult.  But here goes.

1. Kruger National Park

It may well be the country’s oldest nature reserve, but the Kruger National Park is utterly timeless.  The park’s infrastructure is excellent and efficient, with miles of sealed roads and tracks crisscrossing the 4695 acres of bush and wilderness. 

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cape town: five ways to treat yourself in cape town

cape town city guide

As if being in a city flanked by beaches (from two different oceans, no less) and based around an anomaly of a mountain isn’t enough of a treat, here are some ways to go that extra hedonistic mile:

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