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A look at Chengdu’s pandas

Take a look at the adorable panda shots adorning the Chengdu Panda Base website (www.panda.org.cn). Like bush babies and koalas, pandas are super cute.

Thank those big dark eyes, those tiny ears and fluffy, tubby stomach. Unlike other endangered species such as sharks, pandas spark our “parenting mechanisms”. Cue the urge to coo and cuddle the bear-like black-and-white darlings native to Chinese bamboo forests.

Cue the growth of Chengdu Panda Base. Set near Chengdu – the capital of spicy food hub Sichuan province in western central China – the base resembles a panda empire, sprawling over countless acres.

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Insider guide to China’s pyramids

Forget Giza’s famous pyramids for a second. The Nile-side Egyptian city is just one platform for the slanting structures. Pyramids also occur in China. Yes, you read that right. The nation better known for a winding wall than any fancy trapezoids has more than a smattering of pyramids.

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worldwide club guide: shanghai

nightlife in shanghai

Shanghai is the sparkling jewel in China’s crown. I think it has overtaken NYC as the ‘capital of the world’ (don’t hate on me, New Yorkers) and the best evidence for that is at night – when the skyscrapers are lit up with crazy disco lights, you know you’re in a city that likes to party!

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