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Top tips for traveling in the tropics: India

In a perfect world we would all travel when the weather was horrid back home and fabulous in our destination.

That weather would always be temperate and a little sunny, but not too much, and not too rainy.  As a result, we wouldn’t need to schlepp woollies and umbrellas around the globe.

However, as it stands, we all need to travel regardless of weather, and so for travelers heading towards India at this time of the year, there are basic precautions to take against the heat.

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8 Tips for Traveling India


Yes, India is big and noisy and crowded and hectic and hot and poor and… and… and… everything else you may have heard.

Yes, there are beggars.

Yes, the food is spicy.

Yes, you will probably get Delhi Belly on your maiden trip there.

But why should you let a few little details like these put you off?

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