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Koh Si Chang: different type of Thai Island

Islands in southern Thailand have a certain appeal, what with all the azure waters, white sand beaches, excessive sunshine and palm trees. Yet, closer to the capital, you can find the Central Thailand version of an island getaway – an inexpensive, easy-to-execute island trip that rings true to Thailand's unofficial tagline of "same, same, but different". 

Getting there…

Koh Si Chang, under normal circumstances, is a 2.5-hour journey from central Bangkok, if you literally start in the center (around Sukhumvit 21) and hail a cab. The drive takes 1.5 to two hours, (add two or three hours if you're attempting this at 5.30pm on a Friday), and costs around 1,000 THB (USD 30), a tariff which is, naturally, subject to the bargaining skills of you and your driver.

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