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indonesia: lombok is the new bali

lombok's breathtaking sunsets

Lombok island is Bali’s overlooked little brother. While Bali may be far more popular and more easily accessible, Lombok’s unspoiled riches are worth the extra effort it takes to get there.  Though it is right next door to Bali, the waterway between the two islands divides two entirely different ecosystems. Thus, Lombok’s topography and wildlife are not simply a repeat of what visitors have already seen on Bali. Indeed, those who find Bali overly touristy (and many do) will find their haven in Lombok, with its breathtaking sunsets, kind people, and pristine, seemingly untouched beaches.

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life's a beach: kuta beach

best beach in bali

A deserted, palm-fringed beach; warm, clear water; perfect waves peeling off the headlands at either end of the bay – it’s paradise and it’s all yours! The trouble is, you’re 30 years late! Now every surfboard-toting traveler, package tourist, vacationing family, impoverished backpacker, and yes, even busloads of Japanese tourists, have all been to Kuta Beach!

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