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Top 5 Asian Castles

If someone says the magic word 'castle', what image springs to mind? Perhaps you think of the mystery-soaked monuments that cast their long shadows across medieval Europe. Or perhaps you think of the English king Arthur and the court of Camelot. 

But Europe holds no monopoly on castles. Asia hosts scores. Here are five of Asia’s most striking and strange castles, which transcend bricks-and-mortar, and border on marvellous. Their haunting, massive presence evokes the sound of drums and thunder. 

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Macau: Five Reasons to Visit Macau

MacauA speck in the sea right under China, Macau covers less than 30 square kilometers. The tiny overshadowed island served as Portugal's last Asian stronghold until 1999. Then, Portugal sheepishly handed it back to China, as you do.

Still dotted with Portuguese churches and villas, Macau has long been a traveler’s playground, equipped w

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worldwide club guide: macau

nightlife in macau

Macau is rapidly becoming the Las Vegas of Asia with giant casinos, glittering lights and the opportunity to make a fortune – or lose one – with the spin of a wheel. There’s plenty of after-dark action with most casinos open around the clock but most bars and clubs are of the ‘hostess’ variety where pretty girls give you attention in exchange for cash.

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