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Hotels of Note: Grand Lisboa, Macau

For visitors to Hong Kong the former Portuguese colony of Macau makes for a popular side trip. While the highlight of the city is its well-preserved historic center, for first time visitors to Macau it may come as a surprise as to how many casinos there are. Macau is often called the Monte Carlo of the Orient or the Las Vagas of the east, but with Macau now surpassing Vegas in terms of gaming revenue (by over 400%!) perhaps it will only be a matter of time before people start referring to Las Vegas as the Macau of the west. In Macau there are already a number of impressive casino hotel resorts, but the one building that dominates the skyline is the Grand Lisboa. 

Standing at 261-metres tall (856 ft), this 58 floor tower is the tallest building in Macau and a prominent landmark on the edge of the old town area. This is not your average grey glass box tower though – the building is modeled on a massive lotus flower and sits on an 8-storey sphere of colorful glass.

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Las Vegas of the East: Macau


If ever you wished to see contrast personified in front of your very own eyes, then head to Macau – it’s hard to imagine a bigger mix of timeless history and frenetic development occupying such a small space.

Macau is geographically part of China, but was historically part of Europe for some 350 years. When Portugal handed back this tiny parcel of land to China in 1999, it was the last vestige of the once-significant European occupation in the country.

Macau, like its bigger glitzier neighbor Hong Kong, is now a special administrative region of China – in effect, it’s China-but-not-quite-China, and that’s what makes it so intriguing.

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