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Maldives: Three Maldives Wreck Dive Sites

Snorkeling – just skimming the sea's surface – is a buzz. But if you want to see more, explore, dig deep, diving is just the ticket, especially wreck diving.

What better place to experience the spooky thrill of a sunken ship than the Maldives? The waters off the Indian archipelago serve as the grave and stage for some bewitching wrecks. Despite downed ships' crusty image, most Maldives wrecks with a reputation only vanished in the late 20th century. These wrecks are more retro than historic.

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maldives: diving the maldives 

diving in maldives

If you visit the Maldives you must get your hair wet. Diving is one of the top attractions of the Indian Ocean archipelago with a paradise vibe.

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