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India’s Republic Day Celebration

If you are anywhere near New Delhi in late January, then you have a treat in store, for on 26th January India celebrates its Republic Day. In fact, the holiday is celebrated all over the country, in every town, with flag hoisting, parades, military reviews, cultural programs and more, but the Parade To Beat All Parades takes place in New Delhi. This annual extravaganza really is one of the more spectacular events of the year and is a set piece absolutely not to be missed.

The parade takes place along Rajpath, a long, wide avenue that leads from the Presidential Palace, Rashtrapati Bhavan, to India Gate, the country’s iconic Arc de Triomphe-like war memorial.

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India: Delhi Top 5

As if India’s capital city were not hectic enough, it also has two very distinct parts to try and wrap your head around: Old Delhi and New Delhi. Both are fascinating must-sees, so here's a breakdown for travelers who want to minimize travel-fatigue and get busy having memorable moments.

1. Take the metro to Old Delhi

Get onto the brand new, super-efficient metro – departing from twenty-first century New Delhi – and hop out in the medieval old city, and all for a few rupees.  People-watch on the train, for it is one of the city’s great levelers, where citizens from all walks of life travel together in clean, quiet harmony… until a man attempts to enter the pink-colored 'Women Only' carriages and you see Indian girl power at work as the hapless intruder is 'politely' seen off.

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