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India’s Dussehra Festival: The Battle of Good vs Evil

Take a brave group of gods and heroes and a beautiful virtuous queen whose legendary stories every Hindu knows by heart. Add a really, seriously nasty evil demon king and then throw in a spectacular open-air burning of the huge effigy of said evil demon king and ten days of celebrations, prayers, feasting and traditional plays, and you have (in a very rushed and inadequate nutshell) the Hindu festival of Dussehra.

Every year in October, as the cooler winter climate starts to dilute the harsh Indian summer, the season of Dussehra begins, signaling a stretch of pleasant weather and noisy, public festivities.

The festival itself is actually preceded by nine days of prayers and celebrations, and is the best time to experience the visceral punch of a Ramlila, a performance of the story of Ram and Sita and their conflict with the demon king Ravan.

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