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Shopping in India – Tips, Tricks and Tactics

Many locations around the world bill themselves as a “shopper’s paradise” but in India, it’s definitely true. However – as with many things in India – you do have to know the ins and outs to really get the most out of it.

Over the last few years India has opened up its retail sector dramatically, and in most cities, malls abound. New ones are opening up every day – glitzy, air-conditioned, and full of shops selling exactly the same brands you can find in London, New York or Hong Kong. They’re likely of limited interest to the average tourist unless you want some air conditioning or to see a movie, since the best urban cinemas are often inside malls.

But for the visitor looking for a bit of Indian authenticity, there are far better, more traditional and much more interesting ways of finding that perfect holiday memento or handicraft.

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Do drop by Dubai

There used to be a catchy slogan promoting Dubai, back in the days when it was little more than a shopping paradise.

“Fly buy Dubai.”

Then, the idea was to break your journey from, say Europe to Asia with a stopover in Dubai, where you could shop, shop, shop to your heart’s content, and be on your way.  Because, back then, there wasn’t honestly much else to do in this city-state.

Fast forward to Dubai today, a fabulous holiday destination in its own right, regardless of whether one shops or not. (Though you probably will, let’s be honest).

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Cambodia: Phnom Penh’s Shopping Crossroads

One of Asia’s less discovered, and decidedly less polished gems, Phnom Penh stands at a crossroads between Asia’s past and present, yet its contrasts are never more apparent than when it’s time to go shopping.

With its motorists’ notorious disregard for pedestrians, navigating between the city’s bustling markets, air-conditioned shopping malls and scattered art galleries can be a challenge in itself.  However, the bargains are out there, and a new wave of boutiques is putting Phnom Penh firmly back on the shopping map.

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