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Agoda: Top 10 Things to See in London

Founded by the Romans more than two thousand years ago, few cities are as rich in history, culture, and character as London. Home to revolutionary innovation, famous writers and musicians, leveled by war, and rebuilt into one of the world's leading financial centers, London truly is a city fit for a king (or queen). Start your exploration of the UK's capital at ten of our favorite spots.

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London in 48 hours

So, you have only 48 hours in London and want to see everything?

Well, not everything, obviously, but as much as is humanly possible, whilst not neglecting to sleep, eat, shop, and have a pint in a pub.

The best way to get an initial (and literal) overview of this marvelous city is to take a tour on an open-top bus.  Get your bearings, see all the major sights in one go, and then, the next day of your all-too-brief two-day stay in London, you can go back and visit select places in more detail.

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City Insider: London by Boat

Fed up of over-crowded tubes and buses in London? 

Tired of being squashed? 

Tired of standing and strap-hanging?

Too tired to pound the pavement for hours on foot?

Take heart! There is another way to see this amazing city.

By boat!

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