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Ya-dom: Nasal Inhaler

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The city of Bangkok, with its mazelike interconnecting streets and tiny sois, is endowed with plenty of strange things to feast one’s curious eyes upon. Here, you will find pushcart stalls selling edible pig’s body parts and guts, deep-fried insect snackables, and even a couple of elephants strolling down the sidewalks…and this is just to name a few. 

For us locals, things that were mentioned above are nothing to get excited about. But the tourists! They get so easily worked up over these things it’s quite funny, actually. I have seen foreigner friends staring in disbelief (with dropped jaws and all) at a little old Thai lady who appeared to have jammed a lipstick look-alike up her nostril. They couldn’t comprehend what she was doing until I explained that what the lady had up her nose was in fact a ‘ya-dom’, or stick-type inhalant used to clear nasal congestion and help free the breathing system.

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